Our Sweet Baby Boy

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Beer Crawl

You read correctly. It's says BEER crawl, not bear crawl. This video was taken on September 18, 2008.

He is much quicker at crawling now. He is even going up on his knees now!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Toothie Woothie

After 4 days of teething HARD (up most of the night, fussy all day, etc) a tooth finally popped through today!!

I woke up this morning and stuck my finger in his mouth to see about the tooth situation and I felt it! It's just a little nub, but it's there, and it's gotten bigger as the day has gone on. Woot!!!

Milestones so far -

1 hour - held head up for the first time
4 weeks - slept in crib
8 weeks - first smile
3 months - slept through the night
10 weeks - first laugh
3 months - first tooth bud (below the gums)
3.5 months - started teething
4 months - stopped sleeping through the night
4 months - rolled over for the first time
5 months 1 week - pushed up on hands
5 months 2 weeks - sat up with little to no support
6 months 2 weeks - first tooth popped through

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

We had a visit with our pediatric ophthalmologist today about Coop's plugged tear duct and everything is just fine!

Dr. Rao said that he definitely does have a plugged duct (duh!) but it would most likely clear on it's own by 12 months. We do have the option of having a probe procedure done before 8 months without anesthesiology or after 12 months with anesthesiology. They take a probe and go into his tear duct to push the clog through.

We have decided to wait. Even if it doesn't clear by 12 months this is a procedure I would much rather then do when he is asleep. I asked how they did it when he was awake and they said they wrap them up in a blanket really tight and kinda vise the head... ummmm I don't think so! Not my baby, no way, no how!

So we're waiting it out, hoping it passes on its own. Only time will tell!

Welcome and Hello

All my other options for picture posting and getting info to family don't appear to be working. The freewebs site is no longer allowing me to upload pictures, despite my attempts to delete a ton of pictures and even contact customer support (they were absolutely NO help at all, big surprise huh?) The MyFamily website doesn't seem to working for a bunch of people either for some unknown reason.... so this is my last resort!

I can post pictures and updates about our family right here for everyone to see. Anyone can read the blog, pass it on to your friends if you wish. I will also add video as well!!

So here's some pictures to get us started!

Trying to get to Daddy's coffee!

My big boy sitting up all by himself!

Yummy sweet potatoes!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

6 month check up

Yesterday was Coopers 6 month check up. He weighs 15 lbs and is 26 inches long. My boy is growing!

Anyone who knows me knows that we don't go to well baby visits. We're not vaxing so it's not necessary IMO, *I* don't need a doctor to tell me that my baby is growing just fine, getting big, doing what he's supposed to etc. when I can see this for myself. But I decided to do the 6 month check up just to see how much he weighs... literally that's all I wanted to know lol...

So as I was saying - 15 lbs and 26 inches long!!! WOW!!! He tripled his birth weight in 6 months! His weight puts him on the low end of percentage (10%) and his length is perfect (50%). I really don't give a crap about the percentages though. I can see that my baby is growing, thriving and developing just fine. And last I heard these percentages were based on white formula fed babies in the 1950's... yea that sums up every baby in the country... what a joke lol. (I don't know if this is 100% true or not, it's just what I've heard. So don't bombard me with emails calling me a liar please! If you've heard differently I am interested in hearing what you've heard)

Anyways, Cooper is doing great. Dr. Margolis wasn't concerned at all about his weight... he's a little chubbos with rolls anyways lol. He said we should try to get him to eat more solids (we're working on that) but isn't too concerned. He said we're doing everything right and to just keep feeding on demand and following his lead... which is what we've been doing all along!

We've been trying to get Cooper to eat some solids for the past week or so now; he could be more intersted in watching paint dry! LOL. He'll take a few bites (usually 5 or so), spit most of it back out, make the cutest funniest face, and then he's done lol. Which is fine with me. I know his body won't digest or absorb anything from the solids anyways so we're just going through the motions, trying to get him used to swallowing something other the milkies and getting him used to the spoon... so far it's not working lol.... but we'll keep trying!

Cooper has had baby rice (whole wheat organic of course lol) with milkies and avocado mashed up... He did okay with the rice the first night but after that wasn't interested, and he's not too fond of the avocado. We'll do the avocado tonight and then tomorrow we'll switch to carrots or sweet potatoes, haven't decided which one yet.

We are making all our own baby food... all organic of course! lol... So when I get ready to do the carrots I'll steam them, mash them up with a little coconut oil or milkies and give it to him that way... Must remember to ask Dr. Sandie about this today... When I do the sweet potatoes I'll bake them and then use coconut oil or milkies to smooth it out... we'll see which I do next... it'll most likely be carrots.

Anyways... moving on....

I called my Mother In Law (MIL) on the way home from the dr. to give her an update on C's weight and stuff and was met with a wonderful surprise! After telling her that he was only in the 10th% for weight and that I wasn't concerned and neither was the dr. she told me she wasn't concerned either. She said that Coop is obvioulsy a growing, strong, happy baby and there's nothing to worry about. Then she went on to tell me that she thinks I'm a wonderful mother and am doing a fabulous job with Cooper!!! It was great to hear that. I told her how much I appreciate her saying that to me. Thank you Fay!

I know I'm the *crazy* parent to a lot of people and I know that not everyone agrees with the way we parent, I am okay with that. I've come to admire the quirky looks I get from people in the stores when I'm wearing Coop or they realize he's in a cloth diaper. I know we're different then most parents, we are in the minority and I like it that way!!!

Okay, I'm outta here, I've written enough!