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Monday, July 14, 2008

Rolling with the changes

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated the blog in a while - Thanks Nicole! So here I am, attempting to update. Who knows how long this will take. As you can imagine I have TONS of free time now that Cooper is mobile.... (insert sarcastic voice here)

Yep, that's right, the Coop Man is on the move! On July 8th he rolled over for the first time on the floor; just one day shy of his 4 month birthday! He has been rolling over in his crib for about a month, but last Tuesday was the first time he rolled over on the floor and it scared the beejeezes outta him. I did not witness this miracle happening, nor did Paul, but I put him on his play mat on his tummy and went into the kitchen to wash bottles (fun times) when about 60 seconds later Cooper screamed like crazy. I of course ran like a mad women into the living room to see what was wrong and there he was on his play mat on his back crying and crying. I suspect that when he rolled from his tummy to his back he might have bumped his head on the floor, not sure though. I picked him up and comforted him and when I put him back down he promptly rolled over again. Now everytime we put him down he rolls over... I must remember to get this on video (I have it on my phone but it's not very good quality). 

This is a bittersweet milestone for me. It's exciting to see him progress so wonderfully but it's sad to see that he is well on his way to independence. I imagine that a lot of first time mother's struggle with the bittersweetness of milestones, but I'm not ready for him to do things on his own yet! I liked having to get up 50 billion times to roll him on his tummy/back when he wanted. I liked having to hand things to him. I liked having to hold things in his mouth so he could chew on them.I liked being the only thing he could see... I'm not joking either! I really did like doing those things. Now he can grab things himself and bring them to his mouth to chew on. The links are his favorite, he can knaw on those all day long. Everthing he gets a hold of goes straight to his mouth (I suspect he's teething - another milestone I am NOT ready for!). He has his full range of vision now and he notices everything! When I hold him now he doesn't just look at me, he's looking all over the place at the colors, objects, sounds, etc. 

I am not ready for my helpless infant to become a somewhat independent baby!! Complete with teeth and the ability to crawl... I'm just not ready for! It's not fair! lol At the same time it's exciting to see him thrive in the enviroment we have provided for him. I love that he can see the different colors in our house (and we always tell him what they are ). I love that he can roll over on his own, and everytime I see him do I get this huge feeling of pride (with a little sadness thrown in). I love seeing him bring things to his mouth, his hand eye coordination is improving. 

I am not ready for teeth though! Any way we can stop this from happening? I'm open for suggestions lol.

We finally ordered for our cloth diapers! We decided to get 12 BumGenius One Size diapers (giving us a total of 16 diapers). I wash diapers every other night so that's not bad. I would like to get more at some point though, but that will take time. I also mailed 10 receiving blankets to my mom so she could make them into cloth wipes for us. She cut them into 7x8 peices and sewed the edges so they don't fray on me. They should be here sometime this week!!! 

Coop has been in cloth diapers for almost a week now and he seems to like them. I know I'm liking them, and so it Paul. I have to believe they are more comfy then disposables for him. 

I am still pumping away here. Breast milk is doing good for him so we're not going to change that (plus formula kinda creeps me out, no offense to anyone who uses it). I weighed him on our bathroom scale the other day and he is currently at 13 lbs! Big boy! I gotta get the tape measure out and see how long he is. 

I also ordered an Ergo Baby Carrier... I LOOOOOVE it! Coop likes it a lot too, he usually falls asleep in it. hehe. It's so much more comfy then the Baby Bjorn and better for Coops spinal developement too. 

Let's see.... what else has been going on? Hmmmmm..... 

Right now Cooper is napping in his crib and Pebbles is laying behind the glider in his room and I of course am pumping. I can't really think of anything else right now so I'm gonna sign off! I hope everyone is doing good!

Love to all! xoxoxo