Our Sweet Baby Boy

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're still here

I know, I know I need to be better about posting. Sorry about that, but we are still here and everyone is doing great....

Cooper continues to get bigger day by day. I'm amazed at his growth and development. He's a baby now, no longer an infant, that's for sure.

He sat up once with very little support, it won't be long now until he is mobile. He rolls and scooches all over the living room, soon we will have to baby proof. There's a few things we'll most likely need to remove from the living room, and we definitely have to put up a few gates; the joys of owning a 3 story house with a basement. *snicker*

I have run out of storage space on the website so I can no longer add photos. I will figure out what to do about this and let everyone know what we decide... Our choices are stopping the site all together, starting a new site, deleting all the old photos to add new ones... we'll figure it out...