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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Urban Knitters

How cool!!

Once again....

I dropped the ball on the blog once again. I apologize. November was uneventful month though.

We have had one big major my milestone hit that is very exciting to everyone... At 20 months Cooper is finally TALKING!! Actual words that we can understand!! YAY!!! His vocabul
ary has grown very quickly over the past few weeks, he learns a few new w
ords a day. Some of his favo
rite words are -

Da-ee (daddy)
Wa-wa (water)
Ow (as in owie)
Bee (as in honey bee - theres a picture of a bee in his room)

While he does say "mommy" sometimes he says "daddy" A LOT more. Little stinker butt.

We had a pretty fun Thanksgiving. We went to Aunti Beth's and had lots of yummy foo
d. After dinner there we
came home and put the tree up. <3>

Paul finally go the playroom painted and we have started putting things in there. We made a trip to Ikea in the middle of November to get some toy storage for the room and are starting to get that put together. The room looks great! I can't wait for Cooper to see it Christmas morning.

Here are some pictures for you.