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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I've learned about Cooper

Cooper is 2 weeks and 3 days old today. Here is what I've learned about my little man so far....

I've learned that during the day he only sleeps when you hold him. If you put him down he starts to cry. But at night he'll sleep in his bassinet no problem.

I've learned that he doesn't mind getting a bath as long as you stay away from his head. When you start to wash his hair, he starts to scream.

I've learned that he doesn't like cold wipes... Thank goodness for wipe warmers!

I've learned that he only latches on with a nipple shield, and only when he's in the mood to latch on.

I've learned that when he is done sucking on his pacifier he spits it out.

I've learned that if we feed him too much he WILL throw up all over you!

I've learned that if you do put a cold wipe on his bottom he WILL pee all over the place! LOL

I've learned that his poop sounds explosive. The really loud sounding poops usually produce the littlest about of poop, while the quiet ones fill up the diaper!!

I've learned that he likes to poop about 5 minutes AFTER we change his diaper.

I've learned that he doesn't like his belly to be rubbed, that always makes him more fussy.

I've learned that if he is fussy with Daddy and I take him he settles right down.

I've learned what his "hungry" cry sounds like.

I've learned what his "Burp needed" cry sounds like.

I've learned what his "Hold me" cry sounds like.

I've learned that his smiles and grins are just gas or poop, but they are so cute!!

I've learned that putting him in his car seat automatically puts him to sleep.

I've learned that playing Nicklebacks "Rock star" calms him down every time when he is fussy. (I listened to this song all the time while pregnant with him).

I've learned that when Paul gets home from work I don't get to hold Coop anymore, Daddy likes to hog him!!!

I've learned that Pebbles likes to keep an eye on Cooper. If Cooper cries in his crib, pack n play, or when you aren't holding him, she will run to check on him.

I've learned that when he gets hungry he is hungry NOW, not in ten minutes!!

I've learned that sometimes stroking his cheek will calm him down, but not all the time, sometimes it just makes it worse.

I've learned that he likes to keep his arms by his face.

I've learned that he enjoys getting up at 2 a.m. and staying up for at least and hour and a half, and that I don't mind.

I've learned that he enjoys getting back up at 6:30 a.m. and stays up the rest of the day, unless you are holding him or he is in the car.

I've learned that we have to stop letting him sleep so much in the evenings because he doesn't like going to bed if he does.

I've learned that he doesn't really care for his swing all that much... But I think that's just because he's too small for it and it's not comfy yet.

I've learned that the cat likes Coopers bottles.

I've learned that Pebbles like to sit next to me when I pump.

I've learned that he needs to burp at least twice or he will spit up.

I've learned that he poops about 10 minutes after he's done eating.

I've learned that I don't like the way his cries sound when he is really desperate for his bottle. It makes me feel like he's starving.

I've learned that he does like to nap in his Boppy for short periods of time, only when he's in the mood though.

I've learned that my life is not my own anymore, but that is perfectly fine with me. 

I've learned that love is something you have at all times, not when it's convenient. 

I've learned that my heart does have room for more. 

I look forward to learning more and more about my little man!!!!