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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My BABY is walking

The past week or so Cooper has been taking 3-5 steps when you let go of his hand...

Well, on Saturday night he took 12 steps in a row!!!!! I just keep thinking that it won't be long before I'm running after him.

We're still working on the walking but he is letting go of the couch A LOT more and will walk between dad and I during the "go get daddy/mommy" game...

It is very bittersweet. Such an amazing thing to see him learning so much on his own and so bittersweet to see him taking his first steps toward independence... literally.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cooper hand-knee crawling

He's finally hand-knee crawling 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Milestones

These milestones just keep rolling in. In order....

7 months - Cooper reached out for me.
7.5 months - He is "talking" so much.
8 months - He cruised around the furniture.
9 months - He stood unassisted for a few seconds
9.5 months - He said "Mama".
9.5 months (Christmas Eve actually) - He took his first step 
9.5 months - He's hand-knee crawling.
10 months - He stacks large objects.

It's so wonderful to see him grow and learn. The things he is doing amaze me. He's developing so quickly. In 10 short months he went from a blob that did nothing to doing so much. 

A full milestone list - 

1 hour - held head up for the first time
4 weeks - slept in crib
8 weeks - first smile
3 months - slept through the night
10 weeks - first laugh
3 months - first tooth bud (below the gums)
3.5 months - started teething
4 months - stopped sleeping through the night
4 months - rolled over for the first time
5 months 1 week - pushed up on hands
5 months 2 weeks - sat up with little to no support
6 months - started crawling, army crawl
6 months 2 weeks - first tooth popped through

7 months - Cooper reached out for me.
7.5 months - He is "talking" so much.
8 months - He cruised around the furniture.
9 months - He stood unassisted for a few seconds
9.5 months - He said "Mama".
9.5 months (Christmas Eve actually) - He took his first step 
9.5 months - He's hand-knee crawling.
10 months - He stacks large objects.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coop's sleeping issues

 Dizzy faint

That's how I feel about every night in our house. I know Irish just posted about Gus not wanting to go to bed... well that isn't exactly our issue. 

Coop will go to bed fairly easily. I say "fairly" because most nights he's in his crib asleep within 20 minutes... some nights it takes longer, but not usually. However!

At least FOUR times a week we (mostly me since Paul works) are up with Coop for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night. Cooper never really wakes up though. He is tossing and turning, squirming, head butting, kicking, moaning, groaning, etc. But NEVER even opens his eyes! We co-sleep about 30% of the time, but that has become impossible... I ended up with bruised ribs from him kicking me and just the other night he busted my lip with a head butt  wtf?  nervous I have braces so it is easier to bust my lip, but it hurt like hell! 

I'm grasping at straws to try to figure out what's going on with him. At first I thought it was from the puff things we started letting him eat so we stopped that over a month ago but it's still happening. I have noticed that after about an hour he will start passing gas, lots of gas. So I'm wondering if it's just intestinal gas, hence the squirming and moaning. 

He's still eating 3 times a night, I have NO problems what so ever with that. It's the being up for 1-2 hours with him. If I put him down during his squirming/moaning he starts screaming and then really does wake up and it takes even longer to get him back down. So I've resorted to either sitting in the glider with him or taking him to bed with me, that's where the bruised ribs and busted lip come in... that's how much he's squirming! 

I feel so  Huh? faint Dizzy wtf? crying Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year - Starting out sick...

I haven't actually blogged about Cooper in a while, just posted pictures. So here's a Cooper blog... 

Coop had a wonderful Christmas. He got so many nice things for Christmas and is enjoying ever single one of them. Thank you to those of you that sent presents - clothes, toys and everything else are fabulous. 

On Christmas Eve we went to Fay and Jerry's for family fun. Cooper got some sweaters, a cute outfit and a wonderful book. 

Christmas morning we got up around 8 and Cooper opened his stocking first. In his stocking he found wooden sea animals, a rain stick, rattle and finger puppets. After he opened his stocking we had a wonderful Christmas breakfast. When breakfast was done Cooper began his present opening frenzy. This frenzy ended one nap and 5 hours later... hehe. He had so much fun ripping the paper off of his gifts. He had to taste EVERY present before and after it was opened. I wasn't aware of this, but apparently wrapping paper tastes F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! 

We spent the rest of Christmas day relaxing in our jammies. We watched Coop's new movie - Horton Hears a Who... what a wonderful movie! I recommend that everyone watch it! 

On New Years Eve we had a playdate with some friends and then Cooper proceded to get sick. He was perfect that morning and he played played played his little heart out. 

In the afternoon he had 2 very loose bowel movements that were full of mucus, literally clear slimey mucus. But was still acting/playing okay. As we were leaving to go to Paul's sisters for NYE he started getting a little fussy, we chalked it up to him being tired and he slept the whole way there. 

By the time we got to Beth's he had a slight fever  
sad We talked about going home but he kept right on playing, no fussies, crabbies, nothing. He did have another runny, mucusy diaper. That's 3 poopy diapers in one day... from a kid that usually goes every other day. And OMG does it stink!!! It's a horribly rancid, not a usual "poop" smell. Isn't that a sign of a virus?  hmm I thought I heard that somewhere  hmm And it's green.  hmm

He went to sleep/bed around 8:30ish... past his normal bed time but since we weren't home I didn't really push a bed time on him. We stuck with his milkies, laying in bed together routine (in my nephews room) at 7:30 but he wasn't ready for sleep so we got back up until he fell asleep in my arms on the couch at 8:20 while we were watching Twilight Zone. I took him in my nephews room and he slept there until 11:30. 

Yep, my baby woke up just in time for the New Year!!! He was actually up, he didn't want to go back to bed and since we weren't home I didn't push it. I didn't want to make it more uncomfortable on him being in a new place and everything. So we all rang in the New Year together  
love It was great to have the whole family there together at that moment. He even toasted with his sippy full of water  Snicker

His fever had gotten worse. I didn't have the thermometer and Beth didn't have one but I would guess his temp was 101-102, if not higher. We left Beth's house shortly aftrer 12:30. We were going to stay the night but decided with him being sick to just go home (neither one of us did much drinking and had stopped well before 12 so we felt comfy driving). We got home a little after 1 and worked on getting Coop in bed. He pooped AGAIN, same awful smell and green color. He was finally settled in his crib around 3. But was back up at 4. We got him asleep and back in his crib around 5 and he got up for good at 8:30. 

He had a fever all night. 

He doesn't seem to have a fever today, but has pooped his smelly green poop 3 times already today.We keep pushing milkies on him and water to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated, so far so good! 

 We are firm believers that diarhhea, fevers, runny noses, etc are the bodies natural way of ridding itself of infection so we are not worried about him at all. His body knows exactly what it needs to do to make him better and is working on it as we speak! 

I hope 2009 treats everyone fabulous!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!