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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September has been busy!!

I updated the milestone list (see below) if you want to check it out.

This month we have gone to the zoo where our good friend Vada gave him kissies in front of the snake exhibit. And Cooper got pulled around in his wagon while he chowed down on pretzels.

We also went to down town Detroit with Auntie Beth and Uncle Mike and stared at Canada across the Detroit River

Then we went to the park with a friend and learned to walk part way up the slide, then slide back down on our bottom. Cooper also fell down and got a boo-boo, to which our friend Julia promptly hugged and made better!

Then we had some friends over for dinner. I get the feeling we're going to have to keep an eye on these two when they get older! LOL First kissies at the zoo and now conspiring together in the chair... uh oh!

Updated Milestone list

1 hour - held head up for the first time
4 weeks - slept in crib
8 weeks - first smile
3 months - slept through the
10 weeks - first laugh
3 months - first tooth bud (below the gums)
3.5 months - started teething
4 months - stopped sleeping through the night
4 months - rolled over for the first time
5 months 1 week - pushed up on hands5 months 2 weeks - sat up with little to no support
6 months - started crawling, army crawl
6 months 2 weeks - first tooth popped through

7 months - Cooper reached out for me.
7.5 months - He is "talking" so much.
8 months - He cruised around the furniture.
9 months - He stood unassisted for a few seconds
9.5 months - He said "Mama".

9.5 months (Christmas Eve actually) - He took his first step
9.5 months - He's hand-knee crawling.
10 months - He stacks large
10.5 months - walking on his own without assistance
11 months - feeding himself with his hands
12 months - added "digga digga digga" to his vocabulary. No clue what it means but it's frikkin cute!
13 months - walks backwards
14 months - we have a runner!
15 months - holds hands up so we can undress him
15 months - knows where
mommy/daddy's nose, eyes, and teeth are.
15 months - we have a climber!
15.5 months - he's now laughing at his own farts lol
16 months - knows where mommy/daddy's belly button is.
16 months - bit me for the first
16 months - first real illness with a high fever (105.2) but he was a trooper and pulled through!!!
16 months - first skinned knees
16.5 months - first trip to the Detroit Science Center
16.5 months - day weaned from bottles
17 months - one year molars popped through
17 months - he can "click" his tongue
17 months - repeatedly says "I di dit" (I did it)
17 months - sticks his tongue out and pants like a dog when asked what sound a dog makes
18 months - knows where his body parts are (nose, eyes, hair,
feet, belly butt, hands, tongue, ears and penis)
18 months - says "mooooo" when asked what sound a cow makes
18 months - 12th tooth popped through

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some August Pics

Momma snuggles

Arts N Crafts at Evans Bday party
Markers are yummy!
Gotta have the orange balloon, and yes, only the orange one will work for my lil guy.